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At SmartPlex, our experienced medical team has put together critical information for you about the novel coronavirus and how you can deal with it.

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Meet Dr. Elmore Alexander

Dr. Elmore Alexander is a Biocellular Medicine Expert and co-founder of SmartPlex ATL. This practice is dedicated to anti-aging, life extension and rejuvenation.

Biocellular Medicine focuses on stimulating the body’s own internal mechanisms to regain function, restore youthfulness and promote rapid complete healing.

Dr. Alexander holds multiple certifications for advanced therapies and is Board Certified in Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) possessing additional M.D. Training.

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Why Choose Us

We have extensive training to perform fat dissolution, skin lifting/tightening, energy return and organ system repair. We incorporate medical artistry to yield beautiful, natural, refreshed, glowing and youthful appearances.

We offer the latest and most advanced treatments to enhance your health-nonsurgical facelifts, real anti-aging solutions, PRP Services for the face, and natural youthful rejuvenation.

Our services are performed by a physician certified and trained in rejuvenation targeted for face, lips, neck and chin!

We love what we do and we appreciate the opportunity to create and design treatments which make you appear youthful and more beautiful.

  • Professional Team
  • Telemedicine Consults
  • Great Testimonials
  • Simplified Process
  • Value for your Money
  • Build a Strong Immune System
  • Improve your health
  • Wide range of Services
  • Personalized attention

Get expert advice, a treatment plan and ongoing care that you deserve. We take the pressure and stress from you and deliver a comprehensive menu of treatments directly to you.

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Cosmetic Procedures

Facial Shaping, Injectables, ThreadLifts, PRP Procedures

We keep things as simple as possible, and we have honed our skills to improve your appearance without changing your face. Our patients are thrilled when they receive compliments about their appearance, yet even their closest friends and family can’t tell they have had anything done!

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Spa Services

Chemical Peels | Facials, Light Therapy, Microneedling | Microdermabrasion

Slow down. Sit back. Clear your thoughts. Unwind with us. You deserve a break. Discover again what it means to be at ease. Feel better and enjoy the long lasting benefits of our spa experience.

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Are aesthetic treatments for me?

Look good… Feel good… You’re worth it!

Physical appearance is about more than just fitting into your jeans from high school!

The way you look and see yourself on the outside affects how you feel and present yourself every day. By keeping a younger appearance, and a healthy body, your self-esteem will soar! You’ll feel more confident, remain sexy, act bolder, engage in better relationships and have greater sex and more fun. So yes! … Aesthetic treatments are definitely for you and SmartPlex ATL is your place to make it happen.

Hair Regrowth

If you are looking for solutions to your hair growth problems, you have found the right place. SmartPlex ATL specializes in Hair Regrowth and restoration. There are many reasons for hair loss, and many respond very well to modern treatments.

Skin Rejuvenation

Custom skin treatments to remove wrinkles, tighten, lift and even reshape to restore beauty, youthfulness and glow. Processes include: PRP Facelift, PRP Facial, PRP Breastlift, Ultherapy, Body Lasers, Neurotoxins, HA-Fillers, chemical peels, micro needling and much more.

Bladder Leakage

The revolutionary, non-surgical solution to embarrassing involuntary urinary leakage, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse and inability to orgasm is here, the Orgasm-Shot®!!! …A simple effective office procedure which can keep you from wetting your pants and also ignite your love for having sex.

Erin D

“Dr A is so talented! He made me feel very comfortable and I’m thrilled with the results!”

Christine K

“Very nice ladies and I looked very good! My husband and I were both happy when we got home too- no stress”

Kelly S

“The doctor made recommendations based on what I needed and explained everything very well. Great experience”

Laura W

“Love the staff and the doctor takes his time to get to know me and insured im getting the best treatments done for me!”

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Your Go-To Advisor for latest and most advanced treatments to enhance your health-nonsurgical facelifts, Energy, PRP Services, Accelerated Healing, and natural youthful rejuvenation. Our services are performed by a physician certified and trained in rejuvenation targeted for face, lips, neck and chin!

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For Questions, Employment inquiries, or Directions please give us a call at (678) 245-6777. We’re available during regular business hours 10AM – 6PM Tuesday through Thursday, Friday  9AM – 1PM.

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